​The AIAS x CoAD​ "Waves" T-shirt, originally introduced in 2018, was first the first AIAS apparel item designed to encompass all students in the college. It can still be seen sported among students, faculty, administration and even the dean.

Lawrence Technological University

The American Institute of Architecture Students (2018)



This "miracle invention" product wards off insects and pests via cellular signal—inspired by my detest for mosquitoes. This fictitious solution named after an animal that is known to eat ants, termites and other insects takes form as a pocket-sized tile, mobile app, website, die cut design for its packaging and other graphic assets. (Someone, invent this please!)

Lawrence Technological University

Graphic Design 1 (2017)

Inspired by daily outdoor life, Aardvark creates top quality tech gear that protects you on the go. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to create a close relationship with those who love their space (and a distant one with those who just want a small bite).